Day 303 – No voice, Megg and me as a kid

Monday, December 26th 2016

Today was just a day of relaxation. I woke up not being able to say a single word. I completely lost my voice, well, almost. I really had to force it I needed to talk and even then only a few words would come out.

I decided to reply to Megg’s email, giving him a thanks. He then said he wanted me to write a reply for him expressing myself as well, but I had nothing to say in return, since he said all of my thoughts. I decided to tell him something I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to say instead, which was that we’ve been expressing our friendship too much to each other that it is starting to get a tad irritating and meaningless. It’s awesome to have someone tell you how they feel about you positively, but when it’s every time you talk to them, it starts to lose weight. I have a friend like that online and I still keep in touch with him, but ignore his texts most of the time, since it’s just A. Puns, or B. Compliments. So we decided that we would refrain from expressing so much and only a bit during the Fridays or more during important moments. We also decided to stop the “to Megg” “to Obs” in our entries. I decided after trying that the reason I made my entries was for my future self, family and friends. I didn’t want it to become for him only. He also said he thought it was fun at first, but lost interest.

I decided to play the Sims 4 while drinking little of hot water with honey (it tasted awful, so I didn’t finish it), which suddenly turned into nearly four hours of gameplay without noticing. Then I had a sudden, but short nosebleed. It was funny for me since, because I couldn’t speak and needed the help of someone to tie my hair up or just pass me tissues, I had to run downstairs and knock on the basement door to grab attention.

At supper I watched videos of myself when I was younger. It was so odd, as if it wasn’t even me. It was also really cute, cause my brother would kiss me on the forehead and I’d hug him. I would also be funny at times, like stealing my grandmother’s birthday(?) gift as if it was for me. I would be around two years old.

I tried looking for a moment I was in kindergarten at a school event, because Kohai was in my class. So far we only found something when I was in 1st(?) grade, where we did this sort of circus thing for parents. I remember it. I did the gymnastics and at some point I jumped and did the splits, which made my jaw drop, since I always thought I could never do the splits. But I didn’t stay impressed for long, because I screwed up everything else.

I also recognised the students in my class—except for one. According to my mom, she was the bully of the class and her older brother was my brother’s class bully. I glared at her for the rest of the video despite not remembering a single thing.

We also found a sort of Christmas talent show video called “Alpha”. It featured both my brother and I, since we went to the same school (I was in “jardin”, which for English is probably called “garden”. It’s between kindergarten and 1st grade). At some point I got frustrated in the gymnasium and went storming to a bench then cried. The video was shaky, meaning my brother was recording it. He decided to zoom in really close when I started crying. Thanks bro.

Nothing much happened after. We watched a little of a movie, but I lost interest and started watching YouTube.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 303 – No voice, Megg and me as a kid”

  1. You are amazing. The “notforonesecond” title of the wallpaper you created is deeply appropriate. Sorry for always asking for so much, but through every obstacle we face we just learn and grow more together 🙂

    Hope that you get your voice back.

  2. Damn Technology always late and expensive in my country that only thing that I have of myself when I was two years old is a picture and audio recording on a audio cassette.

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