Day 8 – unexpected

December 27, 2016

This holiday season was much more enjoyable than expected. Family was less snippy and everyone seemed to enjoy our “reindeer games”. We laughed and drank and had a good time. This year was probably the best year in a long while. As our family gets bigger thru marriages and babies my only hope is for us to not loose touch. Yes, sometimes I feel isolated by them but that doesn’t mean I want to stop seeing them. As much as family can suck I don’t know what I would do without them. We got great presents some I didn’t even realize they knew we wanted. I gave out photos from our wedding that most seemed to enjoy. 

My husbands family was also great to be with. They have kids on his side so it was great to see them open all there presents. For being so young they appreciate a lot. I should be taking them again this week so we can play with the new toys. 

I can honestly say this Holiday has been a healthy surprise.. I hope others were able to celebrate the same way. 

Tasha Out😘

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