Laughter and War Games

I woke with peace in my heart knowing that today would be a quiet day. No huge adventures, no cave exploration, no loss. Just a quiet day of the family doing their own thing. We were finally able to set us alliances, so that was the first order of business. My sister, Ritz, went over to Ingen and allied with her beau creating the family alliance. She then set off to help one of our new brothers tame a spino. Their laughter rang out time and time again as they made many careless mistakes forcing our new brother, Zero, to respawn. I just shook my head and giggled silently to myself. This is my goal. Hearing my family play together and have fun. Today it was a major success. I set about my workshop making saddles for my brother Bryan. He’d just tamed him a lovely tapejara and I wanted to do the honors of crafting his saddle. I also made him two quetzal platform saddles for his other birds. The task was a fairly easy one, since I keep my workshop nicely stocked. The three saddles were created and I called for a pick up. I also let him take a couple thousand bullets for supply his base, as I was already in the process of making more.

I got word from an allied tribe all the way from the other platform island. They were having trouble with a tribe that claimed themselves as an alpha of the island. Wreaking Havoc was a newer tribe, but Laughing Coffin considered them friends and we didn’t like to hear they were having problems. They wired us specs of their base and we all gathered around the war room table to view it. This base was sloppy and had several weak points that Coffin could easily breach. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for our friends. After much deliberation and planning we decided that we’d wire results back to our friends in Wreaking Havoc. Bryan and Anubis were chomping at the bit to join them in the fight over there. It would be almost too easy for us. We went ahead and invited Anubis’ tribe into our family alliance and that completed the alliance making for us.

Babies was the new agenda for the day. Laughing Coffin was plagued with baby fever. Zero bred his wolf with our brother Mind’s wolf, it was going to be a long night for him. I bred Ritz with Javen and Kill It, giving me two eggs that I couldn’t wait to hatch. My twin, Bardock, bred two of our giganotosaurus’ together. I then went along the beach to meet with our brother from Ingen to breed our allosaurus’ together. Once we all had our eggs we set them to incubate in the chamber. I left my eggs with my twin and set out to the burned island once more, this time on our allosaurus, Wee Beasty. My goal was simple. Charcoal. I needed more for my gunpowder mixture.










Wee Beasty and I walked through harvesting charcoal till something caught my eye. I beautiful white argentavis. The still fresh sting of losing Bellatrix was felt deep in my chest, but I knew I needed a new bird. I called out to my brother Minds once more for help taming this beast. I set about to quickly build a taming pen for this bird, but before I could even craft together half of the things I needed my brother had dropped it. He was magnificent. I sincerely thanked my brother and he set off on this other endeavors.  Wee Beasty and I gave the argent some prime cuts off of a t rex that we took down nearby and waited for it to wake up. Once it woke I took it home.

Alliances in place. New argent. Babies waiting to hatch. Bullet material regathered for crafting. I was proud of my progress today. I turned back to the argent and gave it the name Havoc, after our brothers on the island. The name was suiting in my eyes. I then traveled back to my workshop where I settled in for a nice long sleep. Until tomorrow I thought as I drifted off to sleep remembering the laughter of my family on this day.


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