Lost thing found

Just dug out my old Jawbone UP fitness tracker. The one that clips on a bra or any of your clothing, really. It got lost not long before we relocated, have to say I wasn’t really bothered by it since I was so busy with other things going on. Battery was dead, so changed it and logged in to app. Last entry – 30th November 2015. Oh wow, a while ago O.O

I got it when was pregnant with my youngest. I couldn’t pole, so I walked. A lot. This tiny clip motivated me quite successfully. Let’s see what if it does the trick second time but I walk plenty as it is.

The app is great with useful daily motivational tips, never bothered with food tracking. The other great feature I used a lot was sleep tracking. Let’s see what changed since I had her, during pregnancy I slept like a bear.

Also, looks like I might make it to pole class tomorrow 🙂

Not my usual studio but the one I used in my old place, quite a distance away(have to take 2 trains), new instructor and no my classmates… but beggars can’t be choosers and I’m so excited! My body earns for good workout, for this pain and tightness in muscles, for a good stretch afterwards that feels like a reward…. oh gosh, I’m definitely excited! I hope husband is home on time.

2 thoughts on “Lost thing found”

  1. I have one of those, too! The Jawbone Up Move, right? I just barely started wearing mine again, a few days ago.

    I’m craving a workout, too. If only I wasn’t so tired from work :/

  2. Nightmare, wanting to work out is a first step. Next step is finding fun way to work out

    Thorn, yes! That’s the one! I wore mine for a year then got bored with it, I guess… after a year of it being lost, it’s like a new thing. This time I want to try and use their app more, like setting goal weight and entering food, something I couldn’t really do while I was pregnant lol… gaining weight and all the cravings, hehe

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