So much has happened. 

My cousin Jonathan, who I talked to all the time and confided in, died in a car wreck Friday. I am so incredibly upset and hurt. More importantly, I’m pissed at the universe. This was someone I could turn to in good times and bad. Now, he’s gone. This is exactly why I’m faithless now in life, and have been since February. 

Second, I made a new friend at work. Susan. She’s so sweet and kind. We talked today and realized we have a lot in common. I am grateful for her. She’s like a breath of fresh air. I hope that maybe she can be a good friend. I need some. 

Third, I had a family encounter Sunday. It was the usual bullshit. My dad, mom, grandma and sister. I was pissed. Then, everyone wanted to talk about my cousin like they were personally affected by his death. When in reality, they never talked to him. It makes me so incredibly infuriated. I hate when people act like a death affects them, when they NEVER knew the deceased person. Ugh. 

So, I guess I had a horrible week, minus my new friend. Oh, and my horoscope said I should give in to my melancholy, hence the diary title. 

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