That girl

I’m tired of being “that girl”. By “that girl” I mean the girl who is the friend. The one everyone tells their problems to but also the one that no one wants to listen to. Sometimes I want people to pay as much attention to me as I do to them. I’m tired of being the girl that guys see as just another one of the guys. There’s this guy in my English class, we’ll call him Jake. He’s this really awesome guy, really sweet, super cute and takes care of his family. The only problem is that he’s completely oblivious to the fact that I like him, he’s so focused on this girl he’s been talking to that doesn’t even treat him right to realize that I like him and we fit so perfectly together. I would feel better about everything if I had someone to talk to but I don’t even have that because everytime I see my best friend she is complaining to me about her girlfriend and then when I try to talk about my problems for once she gets upset because “I’m not listening to her”. ALL I EVER DO IS LISTEN! when I’m upset she basically tells me to get over when I break my back trying to make her feel better.

2 thoughts on “That girl”

  1. That used to be me too. I was the one everyone always came to for honest, deep conversations and answers to their problems, but when I ever needed to spill my guts and get some emotion out, there was no one who cared enough to listen and basically told me to get over it as well. That feeling sucks and I’m sorry you are going through that.

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