Wishes in the Wind

I had hopes and dreams. Dreams of coming to a place where I have been dreaming of .

I had hopes and dreams. Dreams of being with someone I have been thinking about for years.

   It all started from nothing. Til, one day as he came back from having lost for quite sometime, clouds have changed. The wind of frenzy  had begun.

Suddenly, life has new meaning. My life was  delightful that nothing seems to worry about and no room for sorrows.

There was smile in  my tiny little face all the time and my mind was busy daydreaming of how happy would I be to be with him.

A feeling that  dreams were coming true, through his love I am safe and  by his love I am endlessly happy.  He’s the one that I have been dreaming of, the one that I have been wishing for and perhaps, the one that I have been waiting for, all my life…

But just like how we started, we ended up for nothing. No words left to say as if nothing has happened.  Beautiful plans that we have made together, those were nothing but a fallacy as I see .

I never  anticipated this kind of false hopes for I have never thought that it would be.

Truly, I was blinded desperately by believing too much in dreams,words of yours that had melted my heart, the love and care that fooled my mind and the laughter that drove me insane.

The place where we used to meet, our  plans of living together were the sweetest dreams I have ever had  even the food that we agreed to share to each other were all gone.  

Where have all the love gone? 

I wish you were still here, wish I could make all my wishes come true….But it seems they’re not, not at all!


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