Boxing Day

December 26th traditionally known as Boxing Day felt good to shake off some of the in house glitter and head of out with my daughter to Winter Wonderland another tradition we have shared over the last few years ..

The sun was going down as we traveled our journey with Jack Frost biting at our heels .. It wasn’t long before we were walking through the entrance of Hyde Park; a royal park steeped in history having been a creation of Henry V111 back in the 16th century for hunting .. it was another century before it was opened to the upper classes whom I imagined took leisurely Sunday afternoon strolls in suits and fancy long dresses .. and now I am standing on that very same ground in a queue where more than a million have stood before me ..

Bags checked, a sign of more modern times, my daughter suddenly remembered with a horrified vocal ‘she had a kitchen knife in her bag’ .. OMG .. we passed through the security silently unaware .. daughter then revealed she had been using the knife to wrap a present and had unwittingly put it in her handbag as she was worried for the attention nagging dog suffering an injury ..

We blurred into a sea of many faces under a colour of lights, screaming fairground rides mixed up with some classic 80’s tunes .. eating crunchy chips we browsed the Christmas stalls with make your own snow, wollies to keep out the cold, feathered dreams and mesmerizing globes .. I bought an owl tealight holder which I had passed over last year for a spinning fairy decorative shadows on a wall under a candlelight glow ..

The Christmas warmth replaced with a chill to the bones, it was time to meet my daughter’s boyfriend on a crowded platform and hit on Leicester Square .. we decided to eat in Italian style served with a rose wine and finished with a baileys coffee .. bill paid, tip appreciated we headed back to the underground where the crowds were much less on the Northern line home.

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