Cold Mountain Entry #1

Today I worked on the electric fence.  Popped me so bad I had a red mark. I was thankful I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t turn off the ‘lectricity so I’d learn the principles of “grounding,” which, up until now, I couldn’t seem to master.  It worked. I put the wire through the PVC pipe to cover the faulty place causing the short and buried the black wire thing in the ground.  It’s the black insulated wire thing you use to jump the electricity from one fence, across the gate (or, now buried in the ground so you don’t trip over it) and hook it to the other fence.  Now my cows (all 7 of them) can go in/out and makes my day easier (I hope). My milk cow is being difficult and perhaps now she’ll cooperate.  

Now the fence is hotter and Jay’s sheep will hopefully stay out of the feeder down on the other side. It’s now at 7.2 (whatever that means–I think it’s volts?) instead of 5 something. Anything above 360 Joules, I’m lost!  (Anyone medical will appreciate that.  If you’re not medical, you won’t get it–sorry).

Annnyyyyhow, IDK the difference between joules, volts, amps, DC or AC current.  I just know that if I do XYZ such and such will happen.  Like the time I was shocked so hard I fell in the ditch.  Apparently I wasn’t “grounded.”  You’d think I’d learn the principles of “grounding” THEN but back THEN it wasn’t my responsibility OR my project.  I was just going to do what you asked to and accidently grabbed the hot barbed wire while trying to climb over the metal corner post because I was too lazy to walk around to do whatever it is that you asked me to……….I also know (Ladies, listen up!) that if you accidently put the black to red and the red to black on your car battery, you’ll throw sparks and smell something electrical burning and that’s never good.   Later, the policeman told me I could have burned up my alternator but that’s a different story.  AND that’s also when I found out that I could have caused my battery to explode but NOBODY thinks to tell me that until AFTER I almost blew me and my infant daughter up. (I’m being dramatic now, I wasn’t really close to blowing us up, but still. It could have happened…..and keeping me task oriented is dangerous!)

So there. Mission accomplished. Wire buried.  Cows go in. Cows go out.  Only shocked myself badly once.  Lesson learned. Principles of “grounding” better understood. 

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