Dear Izzy,

Sammy is at it again…… not even single two week and already chasing boys. Meanwhile i’m over here single over a year. I don’t understand the constant need for a partner. Can’t you be happy alone? Why do I need someone to make me whole? Am I not okay by myself? Maybe he did ruin relationships for me…… I don’t want to fall in love. I don’t want to make someone my whole world again. Maybe its the realization that he never actually loved me for me. I gave everything to him, changed everything he asked me too and I couldn’t have tired any harder. It all worked out for the best. I’m much happier now and I actually get to be myself. I get to wear what I want to, go where I want to, see my friends and I don’t have to be a sunshine girl all the time. I don’t want to start over now that i’m me again. It also doesn’t help that i’m scared they will wake up on day and not love me anymore. So no…….. I really don’t understand why society thinks you need a partner to be happy. I’m perfectly content alone.

Miss you always,


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