Day 304 – Rogue One (Spoilers)

Tuesday, December 27th 2016

Today was a definitely a good one. I woke up with my voice almost completely back.

I spent most of my time watching YouTube videos before we left to see Rogue One. My thoughts on the movie : It was good, compared to what people were saying. I suppose they didn’t like it, because story wise there isn’t much, but it’s an in between movie, so what do you expect? I guess it’s also because of the 2 CGI characters, but one of them is Lea and the other Tarkin. The actor of Tarkin is dead and the one for Leia today (rest in peace, she was really funny, liked watching her interviews), plus even if they did act, they would have looked much older then they should.

The movie ended up making the Death Star a lot less stupid, because of the big weakness it has. Erso explained that he planted it since he was secretly with the Rebellion instead of the people who made the Death Star themselves and doing it for some ridiculous reason. Also, they decided to kill off Jin and Cassian I believe his name was, which I found to be a really good move. It wasn’t a “and they lived happily ever after” ending, which would have made it extremely boring and cliché if it was, and that way the characters wouldn’t mess with the original trilogy.

Well after watching the movie, we arrived home for supper and I skipped it, because I wasn’t hungry, making me realize now I only ate breakfast, which was Nutella toasts and popcorn, so, extremely healthy, and then went on the server for a while for some events and to give out the remaining Christmas gifts, before playing barely any Dead by Daylight with the owners.

Now I’m going to ask my dad to watch The Clone Wars, the television series, since it’s cannon and seems to make Anakin much more bearable. Also, I think Obi-Wan is my new favourite character as of late. Not sure why. Must be the accent.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 304 – Rogue One (Spoilers)”

  1. Sounds like a good movie 😛

    I read your entry anyway despite you saying spoilers. You gave away the fate of the main characters so now I know what happens, but that’s expected from a spoiler entry > >

    Anyway I’m surprised you were able to eat only breakfast and get through the day just fine. I tried doing that today, but I ended up eating a big breakfast, a big lunch, and then a big dinner. I’ll try eating a small breakfast tomorrow and no food the rest of the day and see how that works ^^

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