December 28

It will be 2017 so soon!! I’m excited about making some changes.  Mostly to be a better housekeeper.  And lose about 10 pounds.  My mom fell on the 23rd and broke her wrist; it’s in a cast now. She is 92, so she asked the doctor “will it be allright for me to drive?”  He responded “I think that will be fine.  Just, if you would call the office before you go out, we’d appreciate it.”  Mom got a big laugh out of that.  She enjoys humor about herself and her age.  She’s a sport!  So New Year’s Eve is coming up—-resolutions, anyone?  Changes?  It’s an opportune time!  Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!!  From my heart.

3 thoughts on “December 28”

  1. Wow! You mom is 92! You are still blessed with the love of your Mother, I wish my Parents live as long as I live and they keep on living even after that.
    Happy New Year!

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