First days of break

This Christmas I got🌲🎅:

A Harry Potter Ravenclaw wax sealing stamp, a €25 giftcard for a expensive mall and a shit load of Haribo candy.

I also went to the cinema to see Rogue One with my dad. During the break I found out that Carrie Fisher died T_T. My favorite Star Wars character is gone. I hope she rests in peace in a galaxy far far away. I was hoping that 2016 would spare her after the heart attack, but I guess she is in a better place now.🙂 I am sure God takes good care of her.

But luckily I can look forward to new years eve! I’m making preperations for baking cupcakes I will take to my BFF’s appartment.

(fanart above made by: QinniArt)

4 thoughts on “First days of break”

  1. Carrie Fisher’s death was so sudden and so devastating; I love the fanart you showed here. May she rest in peace.
    But I’m glad you can still look forward to the new year 🙂 Hope you have fun with your bff.

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