Heavy Hearts and Baby Brain

Today was quiet as I moved about my workshop. By brother Drew and I worked in silence together as we crafted bullets and brews. I walked up the stairs in my workshop and looked at the empty room where momma bear gave birth to BeeBee. I had plans for this room and there was no time like the present to get them started. I crafted together a few stone foundations, some walls, ceilings, and a large door. Once my task of crafting was complete I started lining everything up to where I wanted it to go. Foundations placed, walls placed; my task was almost complete. I placed the ceilings, not on the top of the building, but in the middle. Here was where my air conditioners were going to go. These rather large machines regulate the temperature of eggs while they’re incubating, and I was planning on putting them to use all too soon. I placed six on the ceilings and set a generator next to them to ensure they got enough power to run. As I ran back down the stairs to get some gas to fill the generator I decided to make a light to go into the room for the babies to see. It was perfect once I was done. I was very proud of my handy work on this. Now I’d be able to raise all my babies without any problems at all.

Once my project of an incubation room was complete I decided to expand my storage in my workshop. I always seemed to be running out of room down here in my workshop. I created a doorway to start construction on a storage room behind my forge. It seemed like the perfect place for storage. Once I placed the foundations and walls I simply added normal storage boxes, completing the storage area.  I had a small area of unused space left over in the storage area so I placed a temporary wooden door frame and door. This is where I’d breed the dodos. With that thought my baby fever struck up once more.

I looked around at my dodos and matched them up into pairs to prepare for mating. Colonel FeatherButt and Madame FeatherButt were going to be my favorites to mate. I couldn’t wait to make a baby FeatherButt. I mated the 3 pairs of dodos together collecting 3 fertilized eggs ready for hatching. I placed them all inside the refrigerator with the pteranadon eggs to wait for hatching day. My baby fever would soon be satiated.


My brother Drew told me of some unique boots him and our other brother Bryan recently learned how to make. I’m unsure of what possessed me, but I knew I had to have a pair. I suppose it’s a female thing. My brother agreed to make me some at no cost to me. He didn’t even want me to gather the materials for them. I had to make him something in return for being so generous. When he sent word to me that my boots were ready I gathered up the presents I wanted to give him and set off for his home. He was super surprised to see that for his generosity I have him close to four thousand bullets to put in his turrets. I happily skipped back off home with my brand new boots tucked safely away.


I set back to work in my workshop once I got home. The disorder within my workshop was maddening. I began placing everything in their proper boxes and everything was beginning to look less cluttered. I could hear my brothers Bryan and Drew off on their own adventures, but I paid them no mind while I worked in my shop. Suddenly I saw red. Something died. In a panic I called out to my brothers to see what I could do to help. Drew died and was worried his bird was next. I abandoned my work as it sat and rushed to Havoc to reach the bird before death. That’s when I saw red again. Thinking the bird had already died I froze midair with Havoc. It wasn’t Drew’s bird that died though. My other brother Bryan died, his bird also in grave danger now. I was still frozen in midair, unsure of what to do. Drew said he was close and for me to turn and help Bryan. Now that I had a clearer brain and a direct objective I pushed forward as fast as I could to the half burned island to where my brother Bryan fell. I saw red again as Bryan unsuccessfully tried to recover his bird. He yelled out knowing that Mortician couldn’t last much longer there on his own. As I was closing in on the island I saw red once more. Mortician fell.

I was overwhelmed with sadness for my brother. The half burned island rendered in and I saw where the back pack laid that belonged to Mortician. There were four large t rexes circling the bag, seemingly proud of what they’d done. My brother desperately wanted to grab Mortician’s back pack. I knew how he felt, for I had felt the same way when I lost my Bella love. Havoc and I flew in and attacked again and again till I had the full attention of the t rexes. I led them as far away as I could and rushed back to where Mortician’s body was just in time to see Bryan grab the last reminders of him. Bryan taken care of I turned as quickly as I could back to the other side of the map to help my other brother, who still hadn’t found his missing bird.

As I got closer to the center I saw red once more. We were too late to save Drew’s bird as well. Once again I set off to help find the backpack of the fallen comrade. Their loss was heavy in the air, and I could empathize with them. Drew and I quickly found the back pack that he was looking for and without any further complications he grabbed it and we set off, hearts heavy with loss.

I set off back to my workshop to settle in for the night in hopes that my brothers would be ok. As I drifted off I thought once again about the upcoming hatching of babies and fell asleep with babies on my brain.

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