Highlights of a woman in her late 20s

have you ever felt like life is passing by u, and all you doing is dragging yourself through this life, you are not alone! i am heading into my late 20s and life still doesn’t seem to fall in place. never felt completely free, thought i would in 2016 but i think i have been damaged more than ever. highlights of 2016: a failed relationship that left m shattered beyond anything, how do you sell someone dreams just to shatter everything in a blink of an eye, whose child are you, i have read as much as i can trying to find out if there is anybody out there going through what i had gone through, well i have concluded that Jay is a narcissist. i feel much better but it just does not seem to go away. honestly this lowered my self esteem, i look my self in the mirror and wonder where i went wrong, in my late 20s no child, shitty job i don’t like and no man. come on where the heck am i supos to get inner peace that everybody else seem to be talking about in this life? letting seem impossible. i am living but that is it just living, i a, tired of crying at night, i am tired of not feeling loved. how do i put al this in my past, where do i take all this pain? how do i get rid of it? 2016 you shitty year go to hell where you came from.. i am do with you.. 2017 save me from all this thst i have been enduring for all this years, i am waiting coz this gal can not take it anymore

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  1. i am sorry to hear this, but kids are blessings from above. ignore him and make urself better for them, for you have something to live for. i wish we cpuld educate women on how to spot a narcissit than make we can save alot of heart breaks, low self esteem issues and much more. wishing you the best of 2017 with your children.

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