Well here is the report from Chemo Wednesday (ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!).

Why you are probably asking.  Well first I need to backtrack a bit.  At lunch last Wednesday my oncologist called with the results of that last scan.  Bad news and I hate to do this to you right before Christmas but I have no choice.  The scan shows the cancer is back in your liver.  There are multiple lesions and we can’t wait until Wednesday for your next scheduled treatment because we MUST get this drug ordered immediately because we don’t have it since it is so new.  And we must get you in here first thing Tuesday to get it started.  Be prepared because it will be an all-day process.  We will need to moniter for immediate side effects so this will take even more time.  We will talk more before your treatment.   Try to have a Merry Christmas. 

I didn’t share this with anyone other than the husband and only because he needed to know to be prepared to take me to chemo on Tuesday as opposed to Wednesday and the reason why.  If anyone reading this sees either of my kids or brothers PLEASE, I BEG YOU, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AS THEY DO NOT KNOW. 

Chemo was PACKED.  They had people in private treatment rooms and even in the waiting area as all the regular chairs were occupied.  A new treatment day brought new faces but one girl I have shared chemo days with before.  Another lady it was her first time and I felt so bad for her.  Her husband, brother, boyfriend whatever spoke in sign language only and she was visibly upset and in tears.  She even became nauseated several times.  Another lady celebrated her last treatment.  She was a survivor and got a round of applause from  the nurses, lots of hugs and a certificate.  I made it through with no infusion reactions although I am still not out of woods quite yet.  I have to monitor myself for the next 24 hours.  The neuropothy is also a side effect but they know I have it real bad from before.  So be careful when cooking, walking, etc., and you know the many things that are difficult for you to do.  We will need to monitor your blood platelets as this may raise your risk of bleeding and infection. And DON”T cut yourself.   Great, I have two cuts on my fingers that I can’t get to heal. We will also need to closely monitor your liver functions.  But at last check they were normal.  Nausea and extreme fatigue once again.  I still have nausea pills.  Good.  So okay I am ready for another round of this only I don’t know how long before they will do another scan.  My guess is three treatments but I honestly don’t know.  If it isn’t working then there is no sense in continuing.  Cross that bridge when I come to it. 

And THAT my friends and enemies is the latest REPORT.  Echo next week and chemo in 3.

And  my Christmas Eve and Christmas were quiet and peaceful just as I wanted.  The daughter and her boyfriend came for dinner on Christmas.  The dog and cat got the most gifts of anybody from Santy Paws.   Me, I got much needed socks.  No need for much else. 

Next time I update it will be 2017.  Hard to believe.  Here is to a happy, healthy and safe new year to all.


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