Secrets Said But Not Spoken.

Well i cant complain much this week.( i mean i could but its completely pointless) Being as I have been on Vacation for the past 3 days!!! and still have till Tuesday to do pretty much what the hell ever i want to do. Im defiantly enjoying all my time with my baby girl. She Definitely makes everyday worth it. shes is my motivation. If only her dad and i could get along and see eye to eye things would  be just about right. There is to much bad blood there… Hes done what he has and now i cant find the strength to forgive him for all the bullshit he has put me through…. granted.. I should feel some type of pay back but i really don’t…. No revenge is met. If at all possible i will take my secrets to the grave. As he plans to do with his. I will never know the truth about the majority of things but its probably best that way. Same goes for him.  At the end of the day ill have to answer to my maker. Guess ill worry about it w1hen that time comes. Some Things need to be said. but just not spoken.

Kayla Nicole

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