thoughts from a average lost teenager.

what if life doesn’t get better? we all think about it i mean don’t we? we all ask ourselves does anything really get better? i mean sure somethings get better or at-least we think they get better but maybe things don’t actually get better at all in fact, maybe they get worse but we find ways to live with life’s on going shitty-ness, maybe life is only as shitty and disappointing as we fool ourselves into thinking it is.

2 thoughts on “thoughts from a average lost teenager.”

  1. It all depends on you! You have all the riches in the world and all the happiness still you want more then your life is shitty to you ’cause you still don’t have what you want. If you have nothing, you live on the streets still you believe your life is better then the people who don’t have all there limbs or food to eat or clothes to wear then you are living a happy content life, your life is not shitty.
    Ask the people who are in war zone they eat form trash they see there loved ones get killed each day, do you still believe your life is shitty?
    Ask the people who live in desert areas who don’t have water to drink and are starving to death , I’m not making this up it is happening NOW in the world as we speak, do you still think you life is shitty?

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