Data Entry and Kpop

Dear Izzy,

My brain is melting……… 5 hours of data entry…….. I wanna go home. I have finally put off my procrastinating to be a good employee and work on this report. But gosh is it boring….. there are soo many updates that need made…. I think I need to go find an Amp or Kickstart. I think I’m going to drag Sammy out for alcohol later. I have a funny feeling I won’t be able to feel my brain later. There is a cute little Asian food place near Birkdale that has ramen that she has never been to that I think she would like…… Ohhh did I tell you they put in a Vietnamese shop in the mall?!? It has Bubble tea and Milk tea!!! it’s awesome……. you would love K-pop and K-dramas to. Seriously….. BigBang, BTS, Monsta X, FTisland, SHINee, Super Junior……… soo amazing. I wish I could share this with you……

Missing you,


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