Day 305 – Not much

Wednesday, December 28th 2016

Today was not the most eventful, but just to do a tiny bit of productivity.

I spent most of my day moderating the server and organizing my base. I ended up banning a player after they swore twice and asked me to bad them, so, they asked for it.

I also watched quite a bit of YouTube videos related to Star Wars and continued through the game list Megg sent me. I ended up finding some free games in it, since some were just DLCs and such. I found four : SMITE, Gotham City Impostors, Duelyst and Robocraft. Going to have to try those out.

After eating supper, I went over to Kohai’s house to give her Christmas gift. It included cookies, a box saying “my friendship” inside (because she said all she wanted for Christmas is my friendship) and I’m going to bring her to a laser tag place, since she told me she never played. In response she told me she had my gift in our technology class at school (huh why? I wonder). Then after our moms talking a bit, my mom and I left to go do some shopping for clothes and I went home.

I finished going through the game list, now it’s just a matter or picking out the games I want. Since some are on sale, I might just pick out the most expensive ones and buy the remaining ones that interest me, instead of just picking out three. If they’re still on sale tomorrow, I’ll see if I have time to do that.

I’m going to go ask my dad is he wants to watch The Clone Wars animated movie, since we tried watching the show until we realized the movie came first.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 305 – Not much”

  1. What a creative gift 😛

    I think those games you listed were once games you had to pay for, but now they’re free to play apparently. For example, on the Gotham City Impostors website:
    “Gotham City Impostors is now Free to Play!”

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