Day 66 – Last night, eBay, work, and more death…?

December 28th 2016

I was planning on running outside at 10 PM last night but writing my journal entry kept me working on it for a while. It was 11 PM and then 12 AM before I knew it. All I remember is that at around 9:30 PM, I made a plan to go exercise. At 11 PM, I looked at the time and thought it was going by too fast. Then it was suddenly 12 AM. I don’t think I spent that entire 2.5 hours working on the journal entry though, I probably did other activities in between.

Anyway, in last night’s post I talked about how I apologized to Obs that morning because I still felt terrible from the day before. She had already forgiven me in our email conversation, but I felt like it still wasn’t enough so I posted another apology to her entry yesterday.

I didn’t expect this, but she apologized for making me feel terrible, and I only felt terrible because I felt really apologetic for what I did. In a way, she apologized to me for having apologized to her. As I read it, I thought “Obs, you didn’t have to apologize, I’m the one apologizing…”

So I texted her, she replied right away, and we shared a personal moment together.

This morning I disassembled the Ion iCade and shipped it out. It took me around 1 ½ hours and driving back and forth from my home to the USPS store to get a box that fit, to be able to ship it at the right price. All in all I think I spent over $40 on shipping the item, while the item sold for $73. I didn’t expect it to cost so much in shipping. I got the item for around $30, so all in all it was break even. But considering all that time and effort I spent shipping it and packing it up, it was an overall big loss.

I was frustrated at eBay the entire time while driving back and forth. Why couldn’t I just cancel the order? I didn’t realize the shipping would be more than the value of the item when I listed the item, and since the buyer paid, I have to ship it or else risk suffering heavy penalties. Big middle finger to eBay.

Man I completely despise that website. I have been hating it for years ever since I’ve sold any item on there. I’ve written rants about it for years. Being a seller on eBay is one of the worst experiences anyone can ever go through. There is this one website called: ““ and there are non-stop rants about eBay on that website.

Not like it matters, I have been complaining about eBay for years and nothing has changed. It is the worst selling experience that has ever existed. I cannot even express my frustration well enough in words. I can create a logical structure by listing out all the things wrong with it, but I just don’t feel like it. The list is endless and I completely hate with a burning fury all that is eBay. I use it often to purchase items because there is no better website to buy items. The sellers on eBay always lose, the buyers on eBay always win.

Here is a typical example of what happens to an eBay seller:

“Sooooo i sold a item, buyer claimed it did not work.. He opened a case.. I offered a full refund if the item was returned.. He then escalated the case, and guess what. They sided with him and refunded his money.. One little thing though… HE DID NOT RETURN THE ITEM!!! What is wrong with these people.. Are you allowed to go to walmart buy a toaster, and go back to walmart a month later demanding your money back without returning the toaster?? Fuck ebay!!!”

And another one, better worded:

“eBay’s buyer protection program is allowing buyers to rip off honest sellers. You can ship a working item to the buyer, the buyer can remove parts that work, install parts that don’t and simply complain and get all their money refunded leaving you out the shipping and now holding a non working piece of shit. Ebay allows them to do this over and over and over again. There is literally no seller protection. You are at total risk when you sell something. If you cross paths with one of these crooks that needs some innards of your item (normally vintage) you are going to get screwed and ebay helps them screw you. All they have to do is tell ebay that the item was received “not as described”   The seller is at Total risk on Ebay. Good luck.”

I’m not even joking with how messed up it is for sellers. Sellers pay all the fees. They process the payment through PayPal, paypal takes a cut. The item was sold on eBay so eBay takes a cut. Then the post office takes a cut for the shipping. Plus you have to buy a box and the padding and the tape to ship out items in, and then drive to the post office and then stand in line and then drive back home and sulk at all the time you’ve wasted.

There is zero seller protection. Even if you say “NO RETURNS ALLOWED” in a listing, if a buyer says “I want to return the item for no reason other than to annoy you” guess what? You have to now give them a full refund AND pay for the return shipment back. Even if you sold a brand new unopened item, and it came back opened and broken, you have to give a full refund.

There are so many cases where the buyer didn’t even return the item, and the seller was forced to give a full refund. There are so many cases, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of cases maybe. I cannot express my frustration with this website enough, but I still continue to use it because I want to get rid of my items and it is the largest auction site on the Internet even if it is corrupt.

Work was normal. I came in late because of the driving back and forth and the shipping of the item, so I missed a meeting with a client that was supposed to be at 10 AM. Oh well, another person took up the task. I can honestly try to describe work, but it is insanely boring. It’s just sitting there for 8 hours doing computer work. Day in, day out. Day in, day out. Tomorrow is supposed to be a team get-together event though, so we’re going out bowling or golfing, and we’re going out to a fancy restaurant to eat fancy foods, all paid for by the company. I still need to run tonight.

When I got home, I started studying a little, and I checked up on my homework assignments, they were all done of course. Then I ate too much food. Too. Much. Food. I still need to run tonight, but I’m planning on sending Obs a playlist of songs first before I head out. She’s going to be sitting in a car or a plane for hours on end, so I’ll send her some songs she can enjoy listening to.

Also I just found out that Debbie Reynolds, the mother of Carrie Fisher, just died. One day later after her daughter. It isn’t a coincidence. She felt like she didn’t have a reason to live anymore, and she wanted to be with her daughter. You know you can kill yourself without ever physically doing anything? Just wish to die more than anything, give up all that you are, and wish for nothing else but for death, and death will come and greet you. Your subconscious brain is powerful and capable of anything. I’ve read that people falling from tall buildings die before they even touch the ground; their brain knows their imminent doom, so it cuts everything off before any suffering would take place.

An article published a week or two ago described that same effect, a deer killed himself just by willing it. The article cites ‘stress’ as the cause, but it wanted to die. A deer was in a cage, many people were staring at it and started to crowd around it, it felt alone and scared, it didn’t know what the people were going to do and just wished to die, and so it died. I then question why can’t animals in captivity kill themselves? I think surrounded by their suffering peers, they don’t choose to die just yet because they feel a sense of comradery, but if alone and faced with the same torture; only willing death can ease the suffering.


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2 thoughts on “Day 66 – Last night, eBay, work, and more death…?”

  1. When has online buying and selling ever been good? It recently started in my country not more then 4 or 5 years and just like this ebay many unfortunate incidents have some even even involving Deaths [Not exaggerating].
    It IS a thing here but is very slow in progress and I don’t think online selling will become a real thing here for next 5 years or so.

  2. Online buying is a dream come true. We have 1 day shipping here. You order an item online, any item, and you can get it the next day at your door without leaving the house.

    What a nightmare come true is when you try to sell an item online. That’s when horrible things start to happen.

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