Day 9- Whose your inspiration?

December 28, 2016

Inspiration. To inspire and to be inspired are two very different things. I believe, if we give it a chance we can have both. 

Who has inspired me? only a few inspire me to be better. My nana she was the biggest personality I have ever known. She was 4’11 but she stood 8ft tall. She grew up in a tough time and an even tougher neighborhood. She inspired me to be strong, not letting people see you bat an eye. When someone’s an asshole make sure they know it but when someone is in need you better be there to help them out or your an asshole. Yup that’s who she was she told you the facts straight up just like her drinks. She married an alcoholic and even tho he toned down in his old age, and I loved him he was who he was. She had the strength to take care of 5 kids and one pay check. My poppy went to the bar and spent a majority of his paycheck there. Every Friday he would stumble in, she would check his pockets for change and that’s how she paid for there house. Years of saving to get her children, my mother out of the ghetto. Strength I have is from her.

My best friend from when I was younger who had passed away at the young age of 15 inspire my creativity. We were always bouncing off creative plans and projects. She had the creativity to write a 700+ page book before she passed, like some kind of a legacy. When I need to think outside the box I channel her and I get the job done. Creativity is such a huge part of my life and I have her to thank.

Forgiveness, this is so hard for me but when i need it I get it from my husband. He has been thru so much and forgives as easy as breathing. Thru everything he has been thru it amazes me of his faith in humanity. How people can change, be better. When I want to hold a grudge, when I want to give up on someone he doesn’t let me. Forgiveness is what we need in this world more people like him. I’m trying and because of him I known I can be more forgiving. 

These are my inspirations… How do I impact people? How do I inspire my patients, my friends, my family? I hope it’s in my will to be An advocate. Advocating for myself, my education, and mental illness in general. I try to advocate for people who don’t have a voice. Educate people to practice coping skills, to not give up and to have hope. To know even in the darkest of times there is help out there if you seek it. Knowing there are people who care even when you feel like your in the darkest, most isolating corner. I advocate. 

How do you inspire? Who inspires you? These are inpkrtsnt questions and if you don’t know please self reflect as I have. 

Tash out 😘

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