Herbal Healing

Well, Today is another one of those days. One of the days that i sit back and wonder what the hell am i doing. Why the hell do i allow things to keep happening in my life. MY LIFE!!! I should be in control of MY LIFE! In my effort to try and restore my marriage for my daughter’s sake it backfires in my face once again. I get the noodles cooked up been a productive morning playing with Kalianne and trying to clean. This vacation hasn’t felt like much of a vacation at all .I get a phone call. Brandon telling me he wont be coming here for lunch. instead hes going to get with ” someone” (person was never named) not to mention he took my car to work this morning took his keys to his truck so i am stuck here with no way to go him in my car. and kalianne and i here, any other day I’m in Lake City till 6- 630. I’m never home for his lunch, hell WE are never home for his lunch. I cant keep doing this i cant keep being disrespected. As i have said before ,i feel alone so why not be it. See sad part is, is he has already figured out the game. And he knows i won’t go anywhere because i refuse to hurt my child. so because of past experience he knows ill forgive and try to forget. One person can only take so much. And i cant stress enough how tried i am of feeling this way. Me and my daughter deserve so much better….Maybe one day ill get this right… until then… this vaca is giving me entirely to much stress…


xoxox Kayla

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  1. Kayla, I can feel your stress. I’m so sorry things are going so hard for you at present time. Thank God for your little daughter. I bet she is your shining star! She keeps you going. Ask God to help you, and to make your life better. He still works miracles, and you need one and deserve it. Hugs to you.

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