How will i ever know….

So, ive always wondered how interesting  my life truly is. So many have heard my tales and keenly listened for more…  I feel that maybe a lesson could be learned, or maybe an evening of ponder ensue from listening to a day of my thoughts.  So here i start my public journal. Journal of a prostitute addict mother …..a incredibly smart woman with a heart too big for her home and a sexual desire double that. Ive started, ran, and imagined more business than most Forbes stars im sure. Ive experienced more ecstasy; feather soft and leather stern then most porn stars. Yet, i am just an average woman in your world. You could stand next to me in the store and you would never know any of my secrets. .. unless u read them here. 

I must make dinner and attend to the female i have living with me and my family. She is my newest addiction. She is is 24 and beautiful. And has a lovely sex drive. My husband hates it as he is not invited. But most of the time it comes to nothing more than flirting . It fills some of my desire for the day. I get to caress her breast and pinch her ass. I like it. 

The children will be home soon. Dinner needs to be served. I must write out mybills….and decide which johns i will see to pay them. Maybe its time to place an ad in Aspen again. Get some new cock n cash. Maybe …Well thats enough for page 1. 


M. M.

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