Intership and So much more I never expected

Why so much good is happening to me I’m not a good person, I’m not a good Muslim, even today I spent half of the day on the internet doing no good. I don’t offer all my prayers nor I do good as a Muslim is supposed to do. Even the prayers I offer I don’t offer on time. I’m no good when it comes to reciting Quran, I’m a terrible son I get angry too quickly which is totally against the teaching of Islam. Yet Allah keeps blessing me again and again, when I’m about to do bad or cross the line for which Allah had forbidden Allah saves me, something always happen that prevents my actions. He always saves me and then I turn back and He saves me again.
I got the internship in the project of the Professor of my University. He was so impressed. He saw my videos, he saw my designs he asked me all kinds of questions about my like and dislikes and every I liked he said he liked.
He asked me about poetry I said I liked “Iqbal” he said he liked him too. He said job or Business, I said Business, he asked me the reason and I told him my reason, he was so moved and he said this is something even his colleagues fail to understand and I should be thankful to Allah for giving such ability to think like this.
He told me all the details of his project, down to the last detail, my senior who was in the same room shocked and I could see it on his face. You don’t tell people about your projects inner working in this field[Computer Science] he asked my opinion and e listened.
In the end I was asked if I ACCEPT the internship, he was perfectly content with me he approved my position and he even told me that what place you have earned I don’t think the other people we hire will earn. I was asked if I accept the job in the job, he told me he wants me and if I was willing to work.
He told me I can take my time before deciding and I told him at the same moment I accept the internship to which he said “Excellent I don’t like people who are double minded”.
While showing the professor my designs I also showed him some of my sketches to which he said he also likes sketches and he has those digital drawing pad and he would like to see me design on one of those.
This all happened during the interview. I dressed and prepared for a formal interview but it turned into a totally informal interview.
This all happened on Wednesday morning.
One thing that he specifically told me was that I should be thankful to Allah once again for I was only called to the interview for because I met the Professor a few days ago after praying ASAR prayer together in University. When the Senior told the Professor about me he remembered he had a discussion with me that day and thus he said OK call him. It was all possible because despite the cold weather I decided to offer my prayer outside in the open. [The mosque in the campus is our department is under construction so we pray outside in the open ground].
He told me that if I had decided to skip that prayer this all would not have happened.
Then there is something mind blowing that happened today. I still can’t believe it. I am so bad yet Allah blesses me in infinite ways.
Maybe this was because of my mom’s prayers. Maybe it’s just a test for me form Allah.
Mom and Dad were so happy yesterday when I got the internship and Mom was also very happy today when I told her the news I’m going to write about…
I got a call form the place I did part time job during my summer vacations. They wanted me back and they were willing to pay me double of what they were paying me and they told me to answer today and start working tomorrow. The internship work was to be done from home or during my time in university. So I consulted my
Dad and Mom, Dad told me that no matte what the pay is it doesn’t hold much worth then your time for education so you must not sacrifice your study time for the job and he is absolutely right, Mom was happy.
It’s already been two year now that Dad was fired for the company he worked for his whole life. He doesn’t want to do job anymore and I totally understand that for the past two years Dad has been working as contractor for small construction works, it is very hard to get a big project in this work without bribery or cunning method both of which a Muslim must not perform and I am proud that this is what my Parents taught me and this is what they uphold. So times have been tough for the past couple of years Dad had saving which helped a lot and is still helping but now we are under a lot of debt. This can’t go on anymore I have to stand for my family.
I called them just an hour ago and told them that I take the job.

“My lord, I am in absolute need of the good You send me” [Qur’an, 28:24]


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