So I woke up this morning full of memories and regrets. Memories of a trip I took to the Dominican Republic for 2 months this past summer. Regret that I didn’t appreciate it fully. I let my homesickness block out the importance of that trip. 

In the US we are so spoiled. We drive where we want when we want. We eat what we want when we want. We do what we want when we want. It was a culture shock being somewhere where the simplest of luxuries weren’t available. 

Now, my homesickness wasn’t all because I didn’t have everything there and available. I was sick a lot and I lost 20 pounds from our uh… lack of nutritional options aka, food. However my attitude about the situation and lifestyle could have been better. 


Nagua was a crappy town. I can’t really sugar coat it. We were lied to and people really weren’t that nice. But the island as a whole did teach me something (after leaving). 


Every day id walk (everywhere) and the common factor was always laughter. I’d hear laughing everywhere and I’d see smiling everywhere (along with men cat calling and calling me “morena”) they were all happy. No hot water, no cable, no iPhones, limited food, leaking shelter, foul garbage smell, etc. They were happy. In Nagua. That’s a big deal haha


So I guess my question is: how can I find that sort of unconditional happiness and why do I automatically feel like I should be looking for something physical to do it? 


Maybe i should build a tiny house… jk 




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