My Kind Of Norm

The next two days after Boxing Day, Christmas 2016 is already becoming a memory as thoughts turn to the New Year .. I have spent these two days trying to get back into some kind of norm with surreal thoughts of being back at work tomorrow.

For now the Christmas tree is still standing proud with lights shining bright, an extra blessing since the bulb in my living room went dark and I have yet to replace it .. my winter candle, a present from last year is burning fragrantly giving off a soft warm glow .. my daughter’s unwrapped presents which lay all over the living area are now stacked neatly back under the tree .. half a bag of wrapping paper has been taken out of the house .. the endless round of dishes are hanging cleanly in their pride of place and the hoover has glided effortlessly over all the floors .. laundry has spun it circles of freshness with clothes for the next couple of early mornings neatly in check .. the fridge is still crammed full of goodies, trying to conquer the leftovers and by due dates is proving to be a feat for little me .. I’ve had some pamper time and enjoyed a brisk afternoon walk under winter’s sunshine .. I watched three movies, two classics with Titanic and Dirty Dancing and Stepmom which I’d not seen before accompanied with a glass of prosecco and my favourite almond chocolate ice cream .. I caught up on emails to a friend on the other side of the world and topped up my travel card for journies much closer to home .. I’ve checked my bank account ready to pay a month’s worth of bills on an earlier wage date which means a longer wait until next pay date but still I am secure in my worth to make three loans to entrepreneurs facing daily struggles in poorer climes .. my personal phone is charged ready for its early morning song and my work mobile will be charged ready to start its own popular ringing in light of the back to work Thursday .. the clock has struck its midnight hands and Thursday has begun and yet I have a night ahead of pillow resting silently on my bed.

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