Our very first family trip to Cebu on Wednesday

We had to wake up around 4 AM to get ready and be at the Inchon airport. It didn’t take that long to get ready and an hour driving to the airport. There were some waitings to get into concourse but we got on to the flight on time with free breakfast that offered by airline cause of an hour delay. It took about 4 hours to get to Cebu. It’s probably the smallest airport I have ever been but very interesting to see what’s going on around. Took a van to the hotel and checked in around 2:30 PM. Surprised by the warm and humid weather and the nice view and resort. Just too many Korean people here. Found out at the end that this entire resort targets for the Korean people and actually owned by a Korean guy.

Anyways, we spent the rest of the day in the resort. Checked out all the water parks and the beach also the street in front of the hotel. It was little annoying that people consistently came up to us and insist for the money for introducing the street that we did not even asked for. However, we get used it pretty soon and learned how to deal with it. At the end, it doesn’t really look that bad to explore around rather than staying in the resort all the time.

We got a grilled chicken and pork from the street for 175 and 150 peso and had it for dinner in the hotel room. Pretty satisfied for the food compare to price and it’s a local food from locals. My parent went sleep early but I spent some time at the bar with my sister talking to the bartender there. Learned some new places and restaurant to try but still not sure what to do tomorrow. Back to the hotel room around 9 PM and went sleep pretty much right away. A long day but so glad to having this time with my family!

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