Sex worker – Lonley clients

I am a sex worker, and have been in this line of work for around 5 months.  I have no idea the exact number of men who have paid me for my company.  I’m guessing it must be around 200 plus.  

My clientele is diverse I cater for the age range of 21 and upward.  The oldest client who has ever booked me was a shocking 81!  I didn’t even realise men of that age had it in them. 

I’ve seen teachers, business men, entrepreneurs, tram drivers, shop workers, office workers, security, welders, lawyers, students, retired men who pretend their out at band practise.  To sum it up men from a variety of background and all walks of life use escort services.

Everything that happens between myself and the clients has to have a degree of descretion.  I work under a false name as it is important that my family are protected and do not discover that I am a sex worker.  Clients often use false names, this makes me laugh to myself.  I see so many men it is so unlikely that I would go to all the effort of tracking them down to tell their friends or family’s that they had paid me for my services.  I guess men become paranoid that their wife’s may find out and it provides them with a little touch of security.  Or possibly giving themselves a false name helps them to disassociate and for their encounter with an escort to be nothing more than a fantasy which came to life.

As different as these men are, they all share in common that they are lonely.  They crave the touch, the smell, the company and the feeling of being inside a woman.  

When I first started this line of work I felt nothing for these men.  It’s taken time but now I am beginning to feel the pain some of my clients carry around with them.  The feeling of being inadequate, different, socially awkward,  physically unattractive.  The majority of men who see me lack confidence, they are awkward and don’t really know how to behave around a female.

I am finding it easier to connect with my clients.  The service I provide is a girlfriend Experience, I try to make the guy feel attractive.  I will kiss him on the lips (no tongues that makes me feel physically sick even in my personal life) whilst placing a hand on the back of his head, I will gentley stroke my fingers across their skin and make sure I show an interest in them.

I know what loneliness feels like.

No one deserves to feel alone.

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