Thursday, December 29th, 2016- Natural Therapy Front Desk

Yesterday I had immigration all day with NJP. Masters, non-detained.  We only had 6 cases in the morning and were done by 9:30.  After that I went to the bank to deposit two checks for translations.  I think one of the tellers must have been late because Britney was the only person there and she told me should couldn’t open yet.  She said she could make my deposit for me even though I hadn’t signed my checks or even opened the envelopes.  Cool.  Afterward I stopped by NT to make sure I had clothes there to teach in later; I did.  Saw Abbey for a brief moment in the break room.  Then I went home to get my gym clothes and went to HPER to work out.  I then headed back to Immigration for the afternoon docket.  I got done at 2:30 and went to Brent’s office to meditate.  When I left I was little hungry so I went to KT for meatloaf and salad.  Mmmm it was the best.  Went and hung out at the Tea Smith and colored, and then went to NT to teach my class. I had 7 people; it was really fun.  I went grocery shopping at NG, got gas on 50th & Dodge, and then went shopping for some new toys at Romantix in Council Bluffs.  Their prices appear to have gone up a bit, but still lower than any Omaha store.  There was a super cracked out lady there continually begging her friend to borrow $20 so she could get some fancy panties.  The friend wouldn’t answer. Crack lady kept saying she would get the money from a dude (she said his name but I don’t remember) the next day to pay her back or if not, she would pawn her ring. The friend was in the dressing room the whole time and while I could hear her talking, she never answered about the loan.  Crack lady then tried to find her favorite vibrator and was talking to herself (or to me?) the entire time. She was out of earshot of her friend.  She became increasingly irate because they didn’t appear to have it in stock and said she was gonna have to have a talk with somebody.  As I left I heard her bringing a dress to her friend to try on. “This one is SUPER classy.”  Friend responds with disgust: “I don’t want CLASSY.”

Came to NT this morning to teach my 7:45 class. No one showed.  

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