Thursday December 29th

The movers came and got my stuff today. The house is empty. It’s just me and Sophie on the floor in my bedroom. We will have to live like this for the next 3 days. I am going to my Air BnB person’s house on Sunday night before school. I could stay here that one more night, but I guess I will go on over there since I have to get ready for school and all. 

I am going to take one last bunch of stuff to Room Service on Monday when they open again. I am getting close to having everything out of the house. I got the little bit of money for my car today, and in an evil ironic twist, the rental car place charged me $259 on my debit card in addition to the money I already had been charged to rent the car. So that ran me overdrawn again. I am hoping that the $259 will stay pending and not move to clear, AND I hope the $54 refund I got from cancelling 2 days of my Air BnB stay will hit tomorrow. I should have done 3 days. I should have stayed in the empty house as long as I could since it’s free. It’s pretty uncomfortable on the floor, but I can handle it for a few days.

My money situation will be fine on Tuesday when my house closes. It is scheduled for 2, so I will have time to get to the bank and get the check deposited. I really need to be careful with that money when I get it and try not to spend any that I don’t have to spend. I may not need the big SUV to drive to New York now. My movers took a lot more stuff than I thought they would. They took my vacuum and some other stuff that I thought I would have to move. 

I am going to go over to school tomorrow and work. I am going to grade those tests and enter them. I am going to take all my water bottles that are here to school, and I guess my peanut butter and honey. I can just make myself a sandwich at school every day instead of at home before I go since I don’t have a home at the moment. So I am going to be sitting alone in an empty house for NYE. Awesome. 

I really am going to try to take better care of myself this year. 

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  1. There was a period of time when I was 16 years old that I was homeless. Neither parent would take me in and thus I was left to fend for myself. One night I came upon an empty home that the door was for some reason unlocked. I lived in this big empty house for about a week, only leaving and returning in the night so nobody would see me. In those long cold nights with nothing but a walkman, tapes, and some spare batteries, I found myself. I left that house in tact and locked the door behind me and managed to get employed and score a place to stay with friends until I was able to be on my feet again. Sometimes it takes an empty house to show us the way.

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