Wednesday December 28th

My movers are picking up my stuff tomorrow. I will have to stay in my house tomorrow night with nothing in it. I will have to sleep on the floor. I go to my air bnb on Friday. This is going to be a tough month. I have to deal with the assholes at school that will be pissed that I am leaving. I emailed my principal last Friday that I was leaving, and he didn’t even respond. What a jerk. It’s all good. I will never have to talk to him again soon. I will have to come back to get my stuff. I don’t know if he will even still be working there by then. I am not going to offer my badge back. I would like to be able to slip in and get my stuff and get out without talking to anyone. 

I sold my car to the Volvo dealership today. I am so broke right now. It’s because my airbnb reservations and rental car reservations and movers have all had to be paid for up front. I will be fine once I get the money from selling my house. It’s just making it until then. 

I know it’s not good to wish your life away, but the next few weeks are going to suck ass. 

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