Weird dream

I just had this dream where I am working at my job in the deli department and I was waiting on a customer then these people came in just regular people. They started to make a mess and there were kids squirting chocolate everywhere. I told them to get out. The woman asked me why. I said I have a job to do and I don’t want to clean up your mess. Then they started to clean up. I waited on the customer and he said he wanted his cake. I tried to find his cake but I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere. I asked him to show me but then he was gone. So I tried to find it again but then I got lost. I went through the doors and I passed the environmental section. I seen dirt and someone scrapping it. I went to the calligraphy section and went out the door. So I asked someone where is the cake cooler he said in the ice cream section. I didn’t go. I went into another room that was the baking section. I looked at cake decorating on the wall. Then I heard someone say let me show you what I did meaning cake decoration. So I left I looked into the window of the door to the music section. I didn’t go in I walked the other way. So I went into the psychiatry section and the psychiatrist gave me 4 prescriptions.  One was paranoia, other one was for sociology, third one was for psychiatry, and the last one I couldn’t understand. She told me to go to the pharmacy. I walked through the big lobby and saw people in chairs and on the floor huddled up. I yelled Kristian but she didn’t answer me. I came across the dark ambient hallway which led me to the pharmacist’s office he told me he will be with me in a second as he answered the phone. So I ran I kept on running. I ran to the doors I saw the outside. The door had a laser on one side of the door. I opened it and I started to run. The psychiatrist  told me that I was trapped and I couldn’t get away. I saw another door and I woke up.  It was like a big school with lots of doors and you couldn’t get out. You were trapped.

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