What Makes Single Moms be Floozy.

Over the last six years I have notice more and more how some single mothers that I know are very floozy.

I became a single mother 8yrs ago and my life was turn around 300 degrees.  I was left with a difficult job to do, lonely, stress out, sad, overworked and with no sleep for 2yrs.  It was very difficult for me to assimilate and embrace my situation specially because I was a very independent person, I took off on vacation any time I wanted, I went out dancing every month, I enjoy my time learning and developing at school and any seminars.  When I became a single mother all that stop. I was not alone any more, my little angel depended on me for everything. My little angel took over my life, it took 100 percent of me to be able to give her the best I could in every way. 

I ask God for wisdom and help to give me the patience to keep going and be the best mother I could be, I work hard, sleep only 3-4hrs for 2 years, all my so called friends where gone, this is when I knew who my true friends were.  

As time went by I learn little by little to manage my life, to do things in a way that will be best for my angel and make it easier for me to be a good mother.  I gave in to the fact that my life was not the same any more. I completely devoted my life to my angel and all the going out, the taking of traveling stop.

Noticing other women that I know, I kept asking how is it that after becoming a mother they still behave like when they were single, they go out, they chase men around, they leave their children without remorse, but what was most disturbing to me was that these mothers did not feel bad leaving their young children to go chase men or go out!!!!!!

I’m not judging them to talk bad about them. I just wonder what happens in their brains that they do not change. Is it wrong of me to see these women like that?  Is it bad of me to devote my life to being the best mother I can be for my angel?  Why can they stop their previous life and be good single mothers? Being Single does not mean we are floozy or that we have to be out there all the time looking.



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  1. You are absolutely and wonderfully right to dedicate your life to your little angel. She needs you now so much. As she grows older, she will be more independent, but at this age you are her sun, moon and stars. God will bless you for taking such good care of her. “Fret not thyself over the wicked who prospers in his way.” (Bible verse). Just know you are doing right. I wish you so much happiness!

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