2016 was one really interessting year, sure had alot of adventures. Now 2017 is right in front of us, and there about just a day until. 

I wonder so badly what kind of year 2017 will be. I wonder if I’ll meet someone new (not on the internet) and create a great bond. A new friendship, maybe romantic. Just wondering if someone new will come in 2017 and become a part of my life. Curiousity is big, but nothing to do about it but to wait and see. 

I wonder if 2017 will be a year of mostly happiness or mostly sadness. Will some big tradgedy happen? The past years have been really silent when it comes to sadness compared to really really far back, will 2017 change that and become horrible? Or maybe my life will be turned upside down in some way and become more special than the rest of the years? Weird thinking about. 

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  1. I can understand where you are coming from @Maria. I too have been going over and over with this similar thought and can only wish and pray for nothing but many blessings for your 2017 🙂 Enjoy the ending as you’d want your year ♡

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