December 30

Well….a lot of sickness going on here.  I had to cancel hubby’s DENTAL appointment because he was too sick to go.  Called and got him an M.D.  appointment this morning.  He has bronchitis or pneumonia, not sure.  On anti-biotics. My mom is still managing with the cast on her arm where she fell before Christmas (Dec.23)—-it’s been crazy.  I had to run Mom’s errands all over town today, and some for hubby too.  Now our water heater is “busted” as we say in the south.  It’s going to be $350 to fix, but thank God they are here NOW working on it and I should be able to wash my hair in the morning.  Ever gone 5 days without being able to wash your hair?  Not a nice experience.  For anyone!  Haha.  I have been so busy I have neglected my Bible reading.  I am going to fix THAT tonight before I sleep.  I’ve been tending to worry instead of pray.  That’s not good.  And I know He is there, right beside me and caring and listening.  We are all just plain humans.  Luckily that’s the kind He loves best! (smile)  Happy New Year, everyone~!

3 thoughts on “December 30”

  1. Happy New Year Grace! “Things fall apart before they fall together”. I don’t know where I heard that saying, but I find it comforting. When there is a swirl of challenging things going on I know there will be an end to the madness and that it will all be good when it comes.

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