Friday December 30th

I am pretty low. I am overdrawn -932. I wrote a check to my movers for $900 yesterday, but it was late and they were driving to Michigan next. I figured it would sit in the truck at least until today. Ugh. Technology. They deposited it yesterday, naturally. My luck. So now I am begging my brother for money. He is the only person I have to ask. I will have no money until my house sells on Tuesday. I get a $259 refund from my car insurance, but they are MAILING it and it will come late next week. I have money, just no money now. I guess now is a good time to start a diet.  I have some bread, peanut butter, honey, and some oatmeal, so I guess that’s plenty to survive. Not my first choice, obviously, but I won’t die. 

Sleeping on the floor last night was rough. You don’t realize how great beds and couches are until you are without. The floor is hard. I did sleep, though. 

My brother is loaning me a thousand dollars to cover my bank charges. I know I’m super lucky to have anyone. I really hate to ask him. He did live with me when he was fresh out of rehab and I took care of him- fixed him breakfast every day and drove him all over Lexington to NA meetings, so I have done things for him, too. He has loaned me money a bunch of times now though. I hope this is the last time I ever have to ask. I have to keep some money in savings when I get moved. I need to work on having $10k that I don’t touch. It’s so hard for me to save money. I can always manage to justify spending it. I really wanted to get my chin and nose fixed with some of that money. I guess that sounds stupid, but I did. I will still try to find a way without spending every last cent I have. 

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