Future plans

My plans for the future? Though question.

Plan A: Take all 3 years of vgs in Media and Communication course. That way I’ll end up getting on a higher level inside photography, writing, filmmaking etc. That way my plans of travelling alot, or moving abroad gets easier to achive. Or working for a magazine in bigger cities, or entertainment stuff.

Plan B: Take all 3 years of vgs in “Studiespesialisering”. It will be like taking 3 more years of highschool. There It will be easier for me to get into higher schools for my psychologist or archeologist dreams. 

Plan C: Move to the other side of earth and start in an acting school. 

2 thoughts on “Future plans”

  1. From where you live there is a very high probability that on the opposite side of the earth from where you live is nothing but sea. lol . 🙂 Sorry sometimes I just have this craving to state the facts, well in this case probability. 🙂

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