Journal Day 67 – Golf and Beer

December 29th 2016

“Who was the fool? Who the wise? Who the beggar or the emperor? Whether rich or poor, all are equal in death.” – Unknown

This photo depicts Danse Macabre or “Dance of Death.” There’s thousands of images of this art style and it is one of the scariest looking things. This art style features a normal person standing next to and holding the hands of a skeleton who seems to be dancing with joy. This image in particular shows a king, a queen, and a pope, all suffering the same fate as any other, hence the quote.

The creepiest Danse Macabre image I’ve seen features a doppelganger, where a jester has his hand held by a dancing skeleton who is also wearing the same jester outfit. It looks very creepy because they look almost like twins, and also the way the skeleton was drawn. I think I’ll have nightmares. I might post an image of what that looks like tomorrow, as long as the image is in the public domain. But it looks terrifying.

Since I talk about death so often in these entries, I’m just going to make the initial part of the post about death, my thoughts on it, research I’ve found, etc. Then the rest will be about anything else. I don’t know how long I’ll do this for, but it will be a constant reminder for me as well that death is looming.

Today I woke up pretty normally. I came in to work late again, this time my excuse was that I share 2 cars with 3 people in the household, and sometimes both cars are occupied. Sometimes my parents share one car, one drives the other to work and drops them off, then heads to work themselves.

I woke up at 8 and was ready to head out at 9, but I ended up leaving after 10. It was because I sat at home waiting for my dad to get back because I thought he used one of the cars. It turns out my parents carpooled into one car, and I sat at home waiting for a car to be available when instead I could have went to the parking lot and seen the car there.

Anyway, I got into the office and there was scheduled Solutions Engineer training for me and my team. The meeting was supposed to start at I think 10 AM, and I got in rather late, I think 10:20 AM. I mean the person the company hired is this professional sales trainer and they are not cheap, I have heard that they’re hired at a few hundred thousand dollars for doing just a few days of training.

During my one hour of ‘waiting’ for the car to show up, I read a bit of a sales book, Breaking through the no barrier. During the Solutions Engineer training, a lot of basic sales questions were asked and we were asked to write what we thought the answers were into a sticky note. The trainer would then gather up all the sticky notes and read out the answers he thought were best. Because I read just a little bit of that book, I was able to answer a lot of questions correctly and I felt on top of it all.

I was really slow to react other events though. The conversations and training was fast paced and interactive. One second you were listening to an advanced concept, the next second you’re chosen to go up to the front and present your ideas, which actually happened to me. Other times you’re chosen randomly to answer a random question or give your opinion about something. I think this happened to me more frequently than the others because I knew a lot of the answers, and also because I came in late.

This begs the question then, which to choose: a few hundred thousand dollars’ worth of sales training or a $3 book? Honestly the training so far was amazing and worth every penny. But, I was able to get similar or the same information from a $3 book, just reading a few pages.

Afterwards our team went out golfing. We went to this place called TopGolf and played golf for a while. It was insanely fun, the environment was extremely high class and the food was delicious. Everything was paid for the company so we splurged out on our team building meal. I felt so fat. There was so much food and beer that we ate that it was unbelievable, and it was all extremely delicious.

I did terribly in the golf games though. I got third place in the first game which was decent, but last place in every other game. Each golf ball had a chip, so it would tell you how far you went each time you hit the ball, and how many points you got per hit. You can only get points if you hit designated targets. There were hundreds of other people playing at the same exact time, with hundreds of golf balls flying in the air at any given second, so it was amazing to see it still track your score as you hit.

When I arrived home I looked in the mirror when I got home though and I didn’t look fatter than I did normally. Weird. I fear gaining weight because that’s against one of my goals. And I’ve already lost weight before and experienced tremendous benefit from it, I’d hate to regress backwards and face all the problems I used to deal with over again.

My stomach was full throughout the entire day. Even as I type this at midnight, my stomach still feels full, and I cannot eat a bite. Keep in mind it’s been nearly 12 hours since I ate any food, and I still feel full. That is exceptionally rare and this is probably a bad sign. I usually eat many times throughout the day because of the constant hunger pangs.

I’m planning on exercising tonight even though I feel so full as if I just ate. That is honestly how I feel despite not having touched food in nearly half a day.

Last night I sent Obs a list of music that I thought she would enjoy, but it turns out she didn’t like any except for one, and we kept talking about music related topics throughout the day today, just emailing each other, even while I was golfing. Later that night I knew that today would possibly be Obs’ last day before she would head of the country and lose contact with me and anyone else on the Internet for a while, so I sent her a text message and we had a long conversation.

Before going to sleep last night, I was so sleepy so I skimmed her post and thought that she wrote about our entire conversation in her entry for the day. I just read her entire entry now and there were only certain parts taken from our conversation, mainly about the New Year and goal setting. From my view of those certain parts, my goal was to help her to learn to find pleasure in being productive, and to spend her time learning new skills and refining her current ones, especially while she was still in her youth.

Actually, at that age I had conversations with others about it being ‘too late’ for me to master any skill because I was too old, my complaint being I didn’t start years earlier. Now that I’m 23, I have the opposite view; that I’m still very young right now and it’s the perfect time to learn and master any skill even if I started off as a beginner knowing nothing. Yet at her age, it would be even better because she has all this time as a head start.

Her current age right now is perfect to practice and train, and so I asked her to come up with a plan and to set some goals especially for the New Year. I don’t remember her telling me in our conversation, but in her entry she posted about her portfolio and the book to be published as her two main goals. Those are excellent goals, now if only she worked on them daily and with all her passion and energy.


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  1. Pants on Fire, That’s good. I didn’t get to exercise. I said I would a few paragraphs before the end, but when I got to the last paragraph, I became too sleepy to do else.

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