Something New

I’ve never tried journaling my thoughts and feelings and I though it would be a good idea to start. Though many things are going to be left out because I didn’t start from the beginning but thats okay.

I’ll just sum up stuff now….

My parents divorced when I was 10 because my mother cheated and my father kicked her out. I move all around with my mom and had to find many new friends.

In the 7th grade I met this boy and from then to now i have had a hard and troubled time being with him…. Starting at just friends when he in 6th and i was in 7th and in my 8th grade year finally admitting we liked each other.

He wasn’t allowed to date till he was 16 so we kept it a secret, after my 8th grade year we had to break up because I was going into high school and he wasn’t. While i was in my freshman year i dated other people to forget him and he did the same.

Once he came to high school we both broke up with the people and started our ‘thing’ but we could really be together because he wasn’t 16 so it was hard.

Finally December 12, 2016 he turned 16 we didn’t officially date but we were allowed to be more open with out liking of each other.

The only thing is he liked to ignore me all the time and find ways to not want to be with me. He accused me of many things and really stressed me out. I just don’t know if we will ever work out the way i want us to. But i guess we will have to see……

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  1. Time changes many things, dear girl. It may be that he is not the one for you after all. Pray and ask God to bring you together with “the one” at the right time, then trust God and wait. Love to you.

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