It is 7 o’ clock at night at the moment. I’m sitting in my living room and my sister is watching YouTube videos. If I had told myself a month ago that I’d be sitting in my living room all dressed up with nowhere to go on New Year’s Eve, well, I wouldn’t have been that surprised. I have been feeling apathetical lately, after all. I was supposed to go to a club or something with my friend but she’s at a hospital right now. This year sucked.

2 thoughts on “12/31/2016”

  1. On new years night the sky is lit up with fire works at 12. In my country bullets are cheaper then fire works thus at 12 It feels like a war zone with all the people standing on the roofs of their homes and shooting in the sky.
    Just a fact I though would be interesting to read.

  2. That is an interesting fact! Happy new year and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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