I gave away some money, got 30 times of that!

Yesterday I was going to the Medical Lab where I got the Graphic Designing Job. On my way I saw an Old Man waving his hand continuously, standing on the side of the road, asking for a lift.

I saw him from far away, I thought of stopping to give him lift but I was on the far side of the road, heavy traffic prevented me from going on the side until I was far passed the Old Man. I looked back and he was still waving his hand in anticipation that someone might stop. I waited for a moment and then I turned back.

I took a u turn and went back to the Old Man to give him lift. His one leg was weak and he had a cane to support him while walking. He got on my bike and then I went on. 

After some distance I had to take a turn and he had to go straight so he got off.

When he got off he told me that he did had any money for the fare and that is why he was asking for a lift. He asked me I could spare him some money for the fare. I hesitated a bit ’cause I only had 310  and I had to get my new glasses on my way back after paying 300, then I thought “What the heck I could get my glasses tomorrow” and I gave the Old Man 50.

After my day working on the designees for standee, poster and other stuff I asked them for my daily fare [Now if someone had read my previous journal then they know that I was paid double for joining the lab again, I had working in this lab before] they gave me my fair which was 50 without a question. I got the same amount back.

I work 16 days in month in the lab so that is 16 times return on what I gave away.

Since it is a medical test lab my little brother was sick and needed some tests done so I went to the lab, this was before I joined, total amount that I had to pay for tests was 1700 and I paid 1000. After I joined I told my senior about the test and got me a discount of rest which was 700, that is 14 times the money I gave away.

The total becomes 16+14=30

But this is not it, on my way back when I went to get my glasses the shopkeeper gave me a discount of 50.

I got my 50 back plus 30 times 50.

This all happened on the same day.


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