I should’ve

3 years ago I wanted to end my life. Before anyone criticizes me just know my childhood was shitty from being molested at age 5 then being abused and neglected til i was 17. Then stupid me tried getting into relationships which only lead to me being raped,getting pregnant then miscarried, and abused. Then i meet this guy who seemed nice and was there for me until i found he made out with my best friend before we got together and he hungout with multiple women alot being his exs who he said hurt him. Which this has now made my trust even smaller and my insecurities bigger. I sit here crying asking myself why didnt i just go through with it. I have nothing going for me im just a waste of space..i just i dont know really need someone……please..

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  1. You have noting to be criticized for. Many of us have, at one time or another, thought about ending our life. It’s not thinking about it that matters but what we do once we have that thought. You know your situation and options better than anyone else. The fact that you didn’t end your life speaks to the strength you have and now will only get stronger. Realize that God loves you and will give you the strength you need to work through your problems if you will let him. Look to him to guide you to those people who will provide you with support and assistance with your situation. Start to build relationships based on mutual commitment.

    Don’t disqualify someone because of what they did or who they knew prior to getting together with you. Even men can learn from past experiences and build on those experiences to do better in the future. Damaged people can also fine happiness in the future.

    That doesn’t mean to through out all of your defenses. Trust between people must be earned. It sounds like you may have found someone that you can build a relationship with. Go slow and let him know the problems you have and try to work through those problems together.

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