Journal Day 68 – Stayed at home and watched videos

December 30th 2016

Second to last day of 2016. I woke up pretty early this morning but I didn’t have a plan for anything. Therefore, anything happened.

I’m so sleepy. It’s an hour passed midnight of the 31st now. Sleepy. Must. Sleep.

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it” – Groucho Marx

Hmm. He knew his mortality just as much as anybody else who has lived or will live. When he made this statement, he was here. Now he is not. I wonder what kind of days he lived?

I’m writing this now on the morning of the next day, but I’ll address “today” as if today were still the 30th.

Today I woke up pretty early at around 8 AM. I had work off today because we get New Year’s Eve off, but since New Year’s Eve fell into a Saturday, the day off was extended to the day before. We also get New Year’s Day off, but that falls into a Sunday, so we get Monday off. In summary, we get another four day weekend.

Last weekend was also a four day weekend because Christmas Eve and Christmas both fell into Saturday and Sunday. So it’s amazing that we have two four day weekends in a row. I actually remember, I think it was sometime before the holidays last year, that one of my co-workers said something like “next year we’ll have two four day weekends in a row for Christmas and New Year’s,” or something like that. And here we are. This is the two four day weekends he was talking about around a year ago. Time goes by.

Obs texted me around 11 AM that she was now leaving for her trip to Cuba. She wouldn’t be back for a week so she won’t be able to post anything for a while. She said her goodbyes and I told her my goodbyes.

I don’t remember much of what happened today because not much happened today. I mainly just relaxed. I exercised in the morning for around an hour, and then I got home and started watching different videos and movies. I watched maybe 3 hours of so of death related educational videos. I learned about how different cultures around the world treat death, I learned about near death experiences and experiments to track them.

So, my belief is that near death experiences are all a phenomenon that happens in the brain. Around 3% of the population has a near death experience, my dad included (I was almost never born), and some of them report different events happening. There’s the Life Review where a person’s life flashes before their eyes, there’s the out of body experience, and there’s the tunnel of light. There’s a scientific explanation for each one of these events, which I learned about.

One way experimenters tried to verify whether or not out of body experiences were real, was that they would place an image facing upwards above the bed of the patient. The patient wasn’t a volunteer, but someone who was nearly about to die, or had to undergo massive risky life threatening surgery, which is when common out of body experiences would occur. Multiple experimenters have tried this because it was an ingenious way to track it but so far despite the number of out of body experiences floating out of the body and ‘seeing’ the surgery taking place, no one was able to identify the image which should have been clearly visible.

I also find the Chinese have an interesting way in treating their dead. Basically the Chinese believe a lot in their ancestry, and when a relative passes away, they perform a ritual for the soul of their ancestor to possess a sacred stone tablet. They have shrines filled with tablets of their ancestors believing that each one possesses a soul of their deceased relative, each person possessing two souls. Whenever a family event would occur, they would go to the family shrine and spread the news to their ancestors or ask them for guidance. They actually showed this in the movie Mulan, in which the dragon had to ‘wake up’ the souls of the dead inside of their family shrine.

The rest of the day was normal after that. I don’t really remember doing anything else. Two friends texted me because both wanted to hang out. I could have hung out with either one, but I didn’t feel like it. So I guess it was a little rude of me to just ignore their texts and replying late, but I really wasn’t feeling up to going out.

Anyway that was my day.

Selfie for the day

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