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Did you know that Risperdal makes you gain a crap ton of weight  (mainly in the waist / chest area)? I feel terrible for Snoochie. She already had a thicker frame (Scottish Highlander), but this medicine is leaving some rather physical marks on her body. Her clothes don’t fit right… even all the new stuff I just bought her. My wallet can’t take this. Kids need clothes. I can’t let her walk around in sweat pants and hoodies. It is imperative that she feel good about herself.

Turns out the solution is a fairly easy one. I took her to the Goodwill. We picked out a ton of shirts and pants. What would have cost me over $300 at the mall came to a whopping $45. I can re-establish her whole wardrobe this way. That’s one less problem off my back. We took the loot home washed it and had her try everything. Somethings fit, somethings didn’t. We took a trip to a department store and bought her a few more pairs of pants and tons of tee shirts. I hated parting with all that money, but I hate seeing my kid feeling terrible even more.

We have another meeting with her counselor on Jan 11. The Man are I both going. I want Snoochie to know just how important this is and that while we are not helicopter / PTO loving / super involved parents – this is different. We are very much onboard with this.

Having gotten all that out of the way, it is time for a huge announcement!!! No, I’m not pregnant. No, I’m not getting another cat. Stumped huh? Okay, I’ll spill the beans.

We are getting a dog! It isn’t even born yet. The newest member of our family will be a basset hound puppy. Technically, it’s Snoochie’s puppy and she will be surrendering ownership of Andy to me – but still!!! I’ve known for some time that we wanted to add a dog to our zoo, but I’ve been waiting for the right one to come along. This is the right one. The situation was so eerily similar from when we got Tyrion. Seems like fate pushed this oppertunity in our direction. Still though, it (hopefully he) has not been born yet and a lot can happen. If it doesn’t work out I am sure another oppertunity will come along.

2017 = Hound Dog Puppy Love



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