Out of the cast, and into the boot.

Obviously my wishful and positive thinking got me somewhere. I went this morning to have that dreadful cast cut off and I got extremely lucky. The foot is healing as it should and I was placed in a more comfortable solution. It’s a boot that looks like it’s meant for walking on the moon. The bottom is this big plastic thing but, now my foot isn’t banging around in that miserable cast and achieving comfortable sleep is very possible. 

I’m still limited to no weight bearing on the foot and that’s fine. I assured the doc that in no way do I want to screw anything up in the foot because I’m adventurous and outdoorsy. Also, I want no reason to go back into a heavy cast. With this boot, I can take the foot out and air it and I can wash the leg and shave it just as long as I don’t attempt to walk on it or put significant pressure on it. I’m pain free and more comfortable so listening to the doc won’t be hard.

While I was waiting to be seen, two prisoners walked by me with police officers escorting them. One had his arm wrapped up and the other had a walking cast on and was scooting along slowly in crutches all while he had the ankle cuffs on. I wanted to feel sorry for his inconvenience but they’re obviously there because they did something illegal. 

Another thing I observed was the flock of nurses at a station near where I waited. They were talking pretty loud about other patients and some troubles they had and I found this offensive. They obviously don’t understand HIPAA regulations and probably don’t care to. 

This isn’t the first place I’ve witnessed nurses acting like cliques of foolish drama queens. So what is it about medical nurses and why do they flock together to act like they’re in high school? It doesn’t seem real professional to me and every time I witness it, I get a bad outlook about the place. Ironically, I’ve never seen that occur in the big hospital which is comforting. It tells me that those nurses care more about the patients than gossiping about how difficult some can be. Hey we are all human, that is true. But, in the medical profession, you have to put yourself aside and understand that those patients are there because they’re suffering from something. Now, there are patients who are downright rude much like the unruly customers we’ve all seen in WalMart. You know the type. The never satisfied loud mouth who complains about anything and everything and no matter what is done, they aren’t happy and take it out on the unfortunate worker who is trying to remain professional while this angry human is taking everything out on them. 

It is amazing how some people can get in public places. I remember when I was in guest relations, a woman treated me like I had no intelligence about the place and I let her carry on for a little while. Finally, I show her how to do what she was asking me about and then she became embarrassed about her previous comments. I took it as a grain of salt. Fortunately I have a lot of knowledge in psychology – a lot of professionals really do understand that they will cross angry people and know not to take any of it personally but the point is this: for sure reason, some nurses have a hard time not taking the attacks petsonally. My thoughts on that is because a nurse is usually passionate about their patients they attend to and probably take it personally if some of them act out against them. Makes sense, I’m sure most of you agree. But, they really should not talk about it loudly with coworkers in a medical facility within earshot of other patients. 

I’m sure we all can name high pressure jobs in other settings like the WalMart for example. Some can say fast food probably has its moments. But me, I think about the AT&T or Verizon workers LOL imagine being them and having angry people calling all day to complain about pricing or coverage. 

The point is that stress is everywhere in the professional world. But a real professional should always keep their venting sessions away from earshot of consumers, guests, patients, customers et al. Do any of you have any stories about professionals in other professions besides nursing where they complained about people in an area where you heard it? I know it does happen but have yet to see it elsewhere. 

PS: I have nothing against nurses at all. Their job is one of the hardest in the medical field and there are tons of amazing men and women excelling at their jobs. Don’t read into my post and assume something untrue. I’m just stating my observations. 

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