Out With The Old

When I think about my life right now, it feels abit stagnated but thinking about the year as a whole I realise that actually I did achieve three dreams goals ..

1/ I got my first Tattoo, something I have been thinking about for the longest of times.

2/ After watching Coldplay on TV preforming Paradise at a live event which looked fabulously awesome, I thought how great it must of been to be there .. and then .. there I was, part of a crowd of 17,000 in June this year at Wembley Stadium waving coloured wristbands as Coldplay played on.

3/ I had hardly been anywhere out of my home country until the summer of 2015 but this year I upped the stakes flying out to Florida, staying in Orlando and visiting Miami .. dream trip ..

Socially; I’ve had many girlie shopping trips enjoying fine dining of many different cultural foods .. a few evenings out for drinks with colleagues after work .. trips to the cinema or bowling with family and friends .. my daughter and I had a great time going to the theatre to watch ‘Wicked’ .. and I figured out the best people to go and watch live music with after seeing Ella Eyre preform at a neat little venue not far from Camden Town.

Work: I still love my job and have made loads of progress gaining valuable experience for when I am ready to move up or on.

Finances have remained stable .. I have a small amount of savings .. have built a little credit where possible on household bills .. got my first credit card and kept any debt to a minimum.

Health: I haven’t done anything in this area .. I don’t have any immediate concerns but there are plenty of things I can work on to stay healthy both mentally and physically!

Home: No improvements here unless I count my pink coffee maker and blender standing brightly in my kitchen .. Plenty of areas to work on here.

Creativity: I’m not very creative apart from having a go at writing on a site where has now closed down .. maybe I can expand on this here on Goodnight Journal but really it is time to look at doing other things apart from writing ..

Charitable: I’ve been donating on Kiva since April 2014 with a personal goal to give 100 loans .. I am up to 80 loans usually at 2 per month ..

Now I have written this rough summary of my year in 2016, I can see where I need to apply myself in the coming New Year .. 2017, bring it on, I don’t feel so stagnated now.

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