Saturday December 31st

The absolute worst year of my life is almost over. I have one more night to stay in my empty house. You don’t really appreciate how much furniture improves your comfort level until you don’t have any. Sleeping on the floor sucks. Sitting on the floor all day sucks. I know it’s only temporary and I will be back in my own very comfortable bed that I love very much in less than a month. 

I think I will go over to school and work some today. I need to get all my stuff graded and grades done before we go back on Monday. 

I had a couple of people contact me about the two rugs I have on Craig’s List. I wish someone would buy them today. That would be a little bit of money. I have a $29 gift card to Walmart from my Savings Catcher receipts. I guess I will go up there and get a few things with that today. 

I am going to make it my goal to take care of myself this year. 2017, no house, no yard, no other bullshit- just me. I am going to work on getting healthier, and stronger. I am going to take care of my skin and my teeth and my hair and my nails. I really want to have that surgery on my nose and chin this summer, but I really don’t need to spend all that money. I guess I will see how the first few paychecks at my new job look. I do not want to stay in Lexington for 10 days afterwards, though. Ugh. That is the worst part. I guess I will know more after I get my taxes filed if I will have the money. 

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