Shenanigans of New Year’s Babies

I awoke to hear someone calling my name, laughter in the voice. I looked up to see the big letters cross the sky reading, “And then there was Schmidt”. I jumped and clapped with glee and called out to my “hat” brother and quickly rushed off to find him. Ritz looked at me with excitement, ready to be air bound once more. We exited my workshop and shot off into the air, spinning to make us go faster. We sped off to the island we call Coffin Island, for this is where we used to call home. We quickly found Schmidt and added him to the tribe. It was nice to have another brother join us here. Slowly but surely the whole family was getting settled in. I took him on a quick tour, pointing him in the direction of Mind’s base, showing him where Luanne was settling in, and taking him to the family home. He quickly set off to start his exploration and choose himself a spot for his new home.

            As for me, I scurried down to Luanne’s base and crafted together 4 very large gates. I looked around at the area that had been blocked off for construction and was very happy that a family member laid claim to this pretty place. I liked it. It had secrets here that made me like it so much. Next time I spoke with Luanne I’d learn what kind of materials were needed to continue construction and I’d make sure to leave care packages when I came to visit. As I turned to leave I heard a very suspicious hiss. I looked around but couldn’t find anything. Finally after looking around for what seemed like ages I found the source of the hissing! It was a pulmonoscorpius! The poor thing was so scared it was hiding inside the half constructed home of Luanne. As soon as it saw me it ran for its life getting caught on the wall. I looked at the poor thing with pity. Here it was, alone and afraid. I then pulled out my crossbow and shot it with a couple of tranq arrows. Luanne needed a pet and this poor little pulmonoscorpious needed a friend. It took moments for it to wake up and adjust to being a Coffin. I named it Moie, for a secret joke that Luanne and I have together. I gave it a few pieces of its favorite kind of mean, spoiled meat, and I left it there for Luanne to find later.

            Ritz and I traveled back to the family home so I could make quick use of Turbo and Speedy, my beloved triceratops duo. I was gathering purple berries for my hatchlings to nibble on once they came out. I was super excited as I gathered up thousands of berries to carry back to my workshop. I stashed the berries in the refrigerators I had crafted inside of my incubation center. Suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to hatch these babies. I would wait for Luanne to hatch the baby pteranadons but the baby dodos were all mine. I couldn’t wait a second longer as the baby fever took hold of me.

            I rushed down stairs to acquire the dodo eggs that I’d gotten. The first one that I’d be hatching would be the baby between Colonel FeatherButt and Madame FeatherButt. I waited, anxious while the egg incubated the last little bit. Suddenly the egg was hatching! There was a beautiful level 233 baby boy! He was so tiny and he flapped his wings at me as I pet him for the first time! I fed him a few of the purple berries and named him Baby FeatherButt. He was a lovely dodo, tan with a purple head, and I was so excited to have him. I looked forward to mating him with another, for his melee was desirable as well. I gave him another stack of berries to munch on as I laid another two eggs out to hatch. These babies belonged to some random dodos that were tamed just for mating. Out hatched another baby boy, level 221, which I named Leon. He was almost a pinkish color. I giggled wondering why all my little boys wanted to come out pink! Soon after a little girl, level 211 hatched. I named her Juvie; she was a sea green color. The three baby dodos munched on berries in a tiny little flock. I was a little sad I never got the egg from my brother Drew to hatch as well.

            As soon as the babies were able to eat on their own I mounted Ritz once more and rushed over to my brother’s base to mate those two dodos like he wanted. It took moments for me to convince them to give me an egg and as soon as they gave it to me I rushed off back home to hatch it as well so it could grow up with its new friends. Not too much later than the other babies hatched out another little boy, level 217. I named him Drewski after my brother Drew. He was a slate color with a white head. All the baby dodos munched on the purple berries in content. They were very comfy in the incubation room and I sat with them as they nibbled.

            I began to notice they were getting significantly bigger. In fact, they were so big they were knocking over their little bowls I was feeding them their berries out of. I knew then that it was time. Time had flew so quickly that they’d passed straight out of their baby phase, through their juvenile phase and straight into adolescence! I lined them all up and had them file out next to the feeding trough in the nursery room. They all ran and played in the little room and munched on berries. Drewski was the cutest, in my opinion. He was born later, so to me he looked like the little runt running around with his new friends.  They’d soon be joining the adults downstairs.

            I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. Ritz and I went down to the beach and gathered as much meat as he could carry, for we were about to start the hatching of baby pteranadons. I was super excited as I cleaned out the incubation center refrigerators. They were almost purple inside from being stocked full of purple berries. I wiped away the last few purple smears then carefully stacked the raw meat into the fridge. I filled up the two empty fridges upstairs in the incubation center then stacked what I could in the two lower refrigerators that I keep in my workshop for my personal use. I then carefully took the three pteranadon eggs out of the refrigerator and placed them under the air conditioners, and I waited.

I knew it was getting close to time for one of them to hatch and I was getting super excited. I checked to make sure I had everything ready for the baby when it hatched.  This baby would be from Ritz and Javen. I grew excited as the shell crumbled away to reveal a beautiful level 200 girl with a pinkish head and green wings. I quickly gave her a pat to let her know I was a friend and fed her a few pieces of raw meat. She munched on them greedily as I stared at her. She was a lovely mixture of momma and daddy. She had decent stats as well. I knew the twin would love the baby that we’d created. After a few thoughts I decided to name her Akashia. I continued to feed her piece after piece of raw meat as she contently nibbled. I decided I would try to breed Ritz and Javen again to see if I could get the twin another baby like this one.

My brother Minds was hatching a spino along with my sister Ritz. There were in for a long night there. And my other brother Blurry Face, Ritz’ beau was hatching baby kaprosuchus’. Ritz got one baby, Minds got one baby and Blurry got four! One of his eggs popped out triplets! I was daydreaming about my next eggs and listening to my brothers and sister hatch their own eggs when I heard it. Another egg popped! I hadn’t been paying attention to the other eggs I had laid out to hatch! I rushed over to the other baby and gave it a pet then gave it some meat to nibble on. I quickly turned to pick up the other egg so it wouldn’t hatch also. I wanted to make sure the first two babies were ok before hatching another. I turned to the second hatch baby and gave it a look over. This baby came out a level 192 male; he was almost all black with red accents and some light slate colored wings. The level wasn’t what I was hoping for, and in all honesty neither was the color, but I couldn’t bring myself to put the baby down. It wasn’t his fault. This baby’s parents were my male, Ritz, and Killer’s bird, Bloody Bird. My newer brother Killer hadn’t been with us long, and he was still learning much about the family. I decided that I would set this little boy aside and give to him one day when he was ready. Content with my decision I turned from the two babies and carefully laid out my last egg.

It took only moments for this egg to hatch, I really cut it close earlier. This egg hatched out a gorgeous level 208 white and sea green girl. I fell in love with her instantly. Her stats were excellent and her color was to die for. I instantly named her Esmerelda.

I thought back to her parents and decided I’d have to make sure I got her a good second generation mate later down the line. Esmerelda’s father was an all-white bird I’d tamed and named GameWalkerHD, in honors for a friend that does some server hopping. The name was rather appropriate since my friend GameWalker is a troll. I don’t really care for trolls but I do rather enjoy following his adventures. The reason this bird earned this name was because I followed this bird all over the world trying to tame him, but he stayed over the water and “trolled” me for what seemed like forever. He started off at my brother’s base and flew all the way across the ocean and back twice before allowing me to have him. Her mother, on the other hand, belonged to my sister Ritz. She’s the one I planned on giving my bird to as soon as my babies hatched. Soon soon I’d be able to make that happen.

I sat continently feeding the three babies when I noticed Luanne woke up. It was time to hatch the final baby. I was excited once more. I gathered a little more meat and had my babies follow me out from underneath the air conditioners to the other side of the room so I could make more space for Luanne’s baby. My little incu center was getting a tad bit crowded. It didn’t take long for Luanne’s bird to hatch also. This bird was the baby of Kill It and Ritz. It came out a level 200 male that looked blackish purple with green wings which was named Lord Nightmare. Luanne and I fed the babies together and watched them as they got bigger and bigger before our eyes. It didn’t take them long to be big enough to eat from the trough! They were such good babies so Luanne and I loaded up the trough and let them eat at their leisure.

I decided I’d let the baby bug bite once more for the night. I looked around at the dodos, for they were already adults. I couldn’t believe so much time had passed already. I took Baby FeatherButt and Juvie aside and bred them. I decided I’d hatch my third generation of dodo tonight. As an after thought I decided to breed my little compies also. Tristin was a level 145 before I tamed him and Isolde was a level 135 before tame. I took my next two eggs back up to the incubation center to hatch them as well. The little dodo came out first. It was a level 237 girl that I named Thrigenia. Then came the baby compie. It was so tiny I could barely see it once it hatched. It was a pretty little level 210 female. I was so happy to have so many babies.

I sat and sleepily fed the babies the meat with Luanne. They were getting big so fast that I was sure they’d be grown if I closed my eyes for sleep. I heard off in the distance the popping of fireworks that told me that it was the new year. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend the New Year’s eve then with my family raising babies. I was content. We exchanged our love and greetings and slowly drifted off towards bed. We’d had a long night, sixteen babies in total. I fell asleep right there on the floor with the babies.

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