Week in Review….

What an amazing week, post Christmas.

I have been amazed at how often I heard Merry Christmas, that was the greatest joy of this season.

I had a wonderful Christmas! I so enjoyed watching Debbie and her Mom opening each present.

Back at work I had a terrible fright. One morning while it was still dark out, I was sitting in my work vehicle and opened my lunch and suck and got out my pill bottle for my morning meds. I popped the top, swallowed them down and sit about my way to my area for inspections. I was feeling a bit off, so at my first stop for coffee I got out my meds and glucose meter and to my shock my morning meds were still in the bottle! I had been carrying my pain meds and I apparently I had just swallowed about 15 5 mg. Hydrocodone! I found a safe place to sit and ride this out. I dozed and nodded for about 4 hours, then as the fog started lifting I dashed about getting 6 easy inspections and then hiding a bit more before heading to the office. I survived this horrid, stupid mistake. I have always read the label TWICE, just like good lab practice, but this one time I screwed up. Thankfully I was able to ride it out, even as frightening as it was. I dare not tell Debbie! Now I have to be conservative with my meds and build up my supply again.

And that same day I wore my new steel toe boots to work and I have developed a sore on my right great toe! I called into work sick, sending my Boss a photo of my toe.

And today I took the truck in for an oil change and I had them check the brakes as it has been jumping when applying the brakes. Sure enough I needed brake pads and rotors! Today’s repair bill was a tad over $600. 

We are having a New Years Eve Party tomorrow! I spent $210.00 at the liquor store and another $50.00 for beer! I don;t think I will drink, I will stick to coffee.

Guess this is it for now.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Happy New Year to all!

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